ICO Whitepaper

Crypto Public

Crypto Public is a U.S.-based, regulatory approval pending, cryptocurrency and securities exchange accompanied by a bitcoin mining farm.

Project Title

ClientCrypto Public (CPublic)
Date17 August 2018
Project TypeICO Whitepaper Writing, Market Positioning, Competitive Analysis, Market Research, Problem-Solution Statement, Abstract and Thesis

Backed by investments by Asian conglomerates, CPublic approached ICP with a bold vision of operating a multitude of business units in the U.S.  Seeking to capitalize on the opportunities within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, ICP helped to narrow down the scope of CPublic token sale to a cryptocurrency exchange and a bitcoin mining farm.

This was based on the significant progress made on these two fronts prior to engagement with us.  CPublic had performed considerable work securing the site, power grid contracts, city agreement and infrastructure necessary for profitable mining of bitcoin.  With respect to their cryptocurrency exchange, the company had hired a team of software engineers that had prior experience deploying and scaling exchange solutions.  At the request of ICP, this team demo’d their previous work and evidenced the sophisticated software controls necessary to run a proper exchange including order book republishing, stop limit capabilities, wallet security, and a generally strong internal experience around this specific type platform development.

UI Design for Context

Our team of designers can quickly mock-up creative comps to help contextualize your vision into a graphically designed, User Interface (UI).  These elements can be included within the whitepaper to help solidify the story and execution with your readers and token sale participants.  We believe the future of whitepapers exists in high design.  The same person that writes your whitepaper runs a software consulting company that performs User Experience Design (UXD) for some of the largest brands in the world (see www.isbx.com).  We can leverage these resources at a steep discount to bring the same level of design execution for your project.

From Concept to Whitepaper: A Complete Package

After narrowing down the key business focus areas, we began to formulate our thesis around why CPublic was in a unique position to dominate in these two areas.  We focused in on its relationships with local governments and demonstrated the seriousness of its exchange solution by highlighting deep technical insights into the exchange architecture.  These arguments were elegantly packaged into a complete whitepaper solution.

Professionally Designed

As an option, our whitepapers are professionally laid out, and graphically designed.  All of our whitepapers start off as an outline, before they are crafted into 12-18 page Microsoft Word document.After successive rounds of drafts, discussions and revisions, a final version is produced.  From there it is carefully laid out, creatively designed and composed in Adobe InDesign, before it becomes a PDF that can be published on your website.  Our process is distilled into a careful series of steps meant to capture the uniqueness of your blockchain project, your value proposition, and ultimately why someone should contribute to your project.