Our Approach

Launched in 2024, GameGPT listed on top launchpads and exchanges, raising over USD 10M and peaking at over 166x.  We came up with a strategy to re-brand and relaunch the token under the symbol, DUEL.

Services provided

  • Strategy on new fundraising and launch
  • Token conversion metrics, formula and schedule
  • Supply metrics, valuation, market caps and vesting schedules
  • New token utility and functionality

Our Process

The purpose of a token economics study and resulting document is to highlight and explain the utility and functionality of a token within its ecosystem.  A token economics document should articulate to an investor what the purpose of the token is, what benefit it provides to users and investors , and what mechanisms are designed to accrue company or project value to the token.  Each project’s token is unique to their specific uses and purposes, therefore each project and ecosystem should feature its own customized design. 

Our token economics always features detailed flow diagrams that explain how tokens work within the ecosystem and what purpose they have.  We also make use of graphs and charts to explain the distribution of the token across various categoric tranches, and to visualize the emission of locked and vested tokens over the course of time, into the circulating supply.

For GameGPT we created and authored a graphically immersive 20-page standalone document to be accompanied by the project’s whitepaper.

What We Achieved

  • Oversubscribed private and public fundraise 
  • 166x FDV increase over previous token price
  • 5.8x over listing price / 8.8x over private sale round 
  • $12.5M daily trade volume 
  • $263M peak market cap
  • IEO listing on top exchanges – ByBit and Gate.io

Work With the Best

Launching and listing a token is a complex endeavor.  There are many parties to coordinate with and the secondary market performance is highly dependent on demand and circulating supply.  Careful vesting schedules should be implemented based on the needs of the company and its planned roadmap rollout.

Projects should articulate the purpose of the token, what value it provides to token holders and its utility and functional importance within the project’s ecosystem.

Looking to launch your next token?  An expertly crafted token economics is the key.  Please contact us to get started.