To achieve maximum success, Rainmaker Games looked no further than for a full suite of services. 

We offered:

  1. Token economics design
  2. Presentation deck content and design
  3. Whitepaper content and design
  4. Token sale advisory services

With this, the Rainmaker Games team was able to raise $27 million in its token sale from the top global investors.

Rainmaker Games was born out of the brainchild and genius of its founder Will Deane, a serial entrepreneur and an experienced business person.

Our firm’s goal was straightforward – to create the marketing and presentation collateral to encapsulate the vision of its founder and articulate the breadth of its product to both investors and the public alike.

Token Economics

Our work began with a focus on the token economics.  Rainmaker Games already had a viable and successful business model, generating hundreds of thousands of USD in monthly revenue, but without clear direction on how a token economy could be used to leverage its success.

To this end, our company modeled and designed the token economics – bringing newfound utility to the token, while creating meaningful value for both investors, and gamers alike.  In addition to this, our firm worked closely with Rainmaker Games to create the economics of the token sale including the various sale tranches, pricing and valuation.

Presentation Deck

After the token economics were concluded, we moved on to create the content for the investor presentation deck.  Our goal was to create a concise, easy-to-understand presentation without omitting key information.  

Our firm carefully crafted the cadence, flow and content of the deck to exacting standards.  In fact, we use the same care, emphasis and structure that some of the best presentation decks (Uber, Twitter, Airbnb) share.  Our experience as angel investors in some of the top performing venture backed startups has helped us to shape the way presentation decks are created in the blockchain industry.

With Rainmaker Games we spared no expense in creating a visually stunning, informative and powerful presentation.  This deck and iterations of it were used to raise the initial $6.5 million from the private token sale from some of the top investors in the crypto and blockchain space.


After the presentation deck was created and finalized, our final task was to create the heart and soul of the token sale package – the whitepaper.

In the case of Rainmaker Games our goal was to capture the success of its core business as a successful gaming guild while introducing new core concepts around its longer-term vision of serving its players.

We began by a straight-to-the-point summary in an Abstract, making a bold statement around success and traction in the market.  From there we set up the need for the platform by highlighting the problems that were endemic in the crypto gaming and play-to-earn space.

Everything is wrapped up in an expertly designed and graphically laid out document.  In fact, with nearly 100 whitepapers written, we have set the standard in visual presentation and quality “look-and-feel” of a new era of blockchain whitepapers.

Token Sale Advisory

We work with the top 1% of projects in the crypto and blockchain space in an advisory capacity.  In this role we work with founders to network and introduce them to the top private and venture investors, centralized exchanges, market makers, launchpads, blockchain developers and other service providers in the space.  In addition to this, our team helps to project manage, coordinate and execute on the token sale and exchange listing process.

For Rainmaker Games, our job was made easier by Will’s excellent business acumen, incredible ability to present to investors, voracious work schedule and his own network and resourcefulness.  Through our collaboration, we were able to successfully launch the RAIN token into the public markets.

Only a select few projects within our portfolio are able to leverage the benefits of our advisory services, and thus we offer it only on a case-by-case basis.


Rainmaker Games started out as a guild with under 100 players.  Today, it has grown to over 1200 players, 143,000 Twitter followers, 21,000 discord members, 57,000 Telegram members, and over $700k in monthly recurring revenue.

Through collaboration with our firms services, the platform led a successful public sale on Copper Launch, raising over $20 million in just three days.



Rainmaker Games’ token ($RAIN) is listed on the following global decentralized (DEX) and centralized (CEX) exchanges.