TechCoins ICO Whitepaper

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ICO Whitepaper


TechCoins is a financial services project based in Korea, Dubai, Singapore, and Silicon Valley that consists of a M&A advisory platform and asset management division.  TechCoins uses UCX, its ERC20 cryptographic token that links the underlying performance of its M&A deals and assets with a transferrable cryptocurrency standard.

TechCoins ICO Whitepaper

ClientTechCoins / GBC Invest
Date17 August 2018
Project TypeICO Whitepaper Writing, Market Positioning, Competitive Analysis, Market Research, Problem-Solution Statement, Abstract and Thesis

GBC Invest approached ICP to develop, write and design the whitepaper for its public token sale.  The company is comprised of financial professionals with deep expertise in mergers & acquisitions.  The team wanted to build a token powered platform that would enable its client to participate in its M&A dealflow, by directly linking token performance to the outcome of the deals they were underwriting and/or advising on.  

As a part of this ambitious project, the client expressed interest in building a simplified user interface to enable its clients to select which deals it wanted to participate in, and track the performance of that specific deal as it was underway.  ICP and GBC worked together to create a token burn model that would utilize profits generated from its investments, in a linear timescale, to enable performance exposure to token holders.  

Smart Contract Audit

TechCoins wanted to assure that the ICO Smart Contract that was being developed was free from any bugs, exploits or vulnerabilities.  ICP recommended Hosho, based in Las Vegas, NV to perform the SC audit.  Hosho was founded by a longtime cryptocurrency entrepreneur whose coin exchange was acquired by Kraken.  Their SC audited process, although expensive, is understood to be one of the best in the industry.  The result was a universal passing score, enabling TechCoins to move forward with its ICO with the full confidence of its ICO deployment Smart Contract.

From Writing to Design

All of our whitepapers start off as an outline, before they are crafted into 12-18 page Microsoft Word document.  After successive rounds of drafts, discussions and revisions, a final version is produced.  From there it is carefully laid out, creatively designed and composed in Adobe InDesign, before it becomes a PDF that can be published on your website.  Our process is distilled into a careful series of steps meant to capture the uniqueness of your blockchain project, your value proposition, and ultimately why someone should contribute to your project.