Observations in Token Ecosystems

Volume 1, 2023

Are the Dominant Trends in Token Economics Sustainable?

In this report we evaluate the economic viability and long term performance of the latest in token ecosystems. We offer ways to build better economic models and avoid “the race to zero."

A Critical Evaluation of this Era’s Most Popular Token Economies

Even with the tailwind of the biggest bull market in crypto history, our research has led us to the conclusion that mainstream economies suffer from substantial price declines due to the implementation of poor economic policies.

Observations in Token Ecosystems, Vol. 1, 2023 is a comprehensive evaluation of this era’s most celebrated token ecosystems. 

We cover topics like Reflection Taxes, Protocol Owned Liquidity, Multi-Token Ecosystems, and Algorithmically-backed Stablecoins to name a few. 

We explore how a lack of discipline in these economies leads to price erosion and offer a solution to restoring value accrual in token economies.

Elegant Explanation of Complex Topics

With more than two dozen diagrams, charts, tables and illustrations, we distill complex concepts into simplified explanations.  

We explain the effects of inflation, go into detail on the various types and methods of staking, cover the basics on mintable and fixed supply tokens, and explain the limitations of token economies.

We lean on our experience authoring authoritative yet approachable whitepapers to create this in-depth report for the benefit of our current and future clients, and the general public alike.

Our goal is in this project is to sow public discourse and drive the exploration of the next generation in token modalities.

Based on our Work on Over 100 Projects

The 55-page report is based on our work on over 100 token and NFT ecosystems and represents our firm’s contribution to the public archive. 

The report is written and illustrated by our firms principal and lead cryptocurrency economist, Arthur Iinuma.

“Observations in Token Ecosystems looks at several dominant trends in token economies based on our observations of dozens of market-traded cryptocurrencies.  We evaluate these trends through a critical lens, with a particular emphasis on token price performance and the economic viability of these ecosystems over the long run.”

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About the Company

Iinuma.io is one of the leading web3 consultancies in the crypto and NFT industry.  The company creates stunning, high-quality, graphically designed marketing collateral for web3 companies seeking to raise capital through a token sale or the launch of a new NFT collection.  It has produced over 100 whitepapers, presentation decks, one-pagers, and token and NFT economic models for the leading NFT and blockchain companies.  The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Beverly Hills, California.  It has been instrumental in the launch of over a dozen publicly-traded projects, and was awarded Blockchain Company of the Year by CIO Magazine in 2022.

About the Author

Arthur Iinuma is the Principal consultant and founder of Iinuma.io.  He has been an advisor to nearly a dozen crypto and non-crypto companies and has created token economic models that have scaled to over USD 1 billion in market capitalization.  He has written for CoinTelegraph and Forbes on the topic of cryptocurrency and blockchain, has been featured on the front cover of two globally circulated publications.

In 2009, Arthur co-founded a 70-person software and blockchain services agency based in Los Angeles, California which he runs today.  Prior to that he ran a private equity consultancy, was a FINRA-licensed trader at Morgan Stanley and a VP at UBS Financial Services.  This year marks his 20th anniversary in professional consulting.

Launching a New Token?

For new and existing web3 projects looking to issue a token, this is a must read report to help you navigate the pitfalls of the dominant trends.